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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1 The Life Cycle of the Family

CHAPTER 2 Family Issues and Themes

CHAPTER 3 The Child-focused Family

CHAPTER 4 A Culture of Anxiety

CHAPTER 5 The Birth Order Factor

CHAPTER 6 The Forces of Anxiety versus Self


Special Topics

APPENDIX 1 Connecting the Generations through Genealogy

APPENDIX 2 The Child Abuse Problem

APPENDIX 3 Dr. Ellen's Guidelines for Managing Stress

APPENDIX 4 Alcoholism in Families

APPENDIX 5 Additional Birth Order Influences

APPENDIX 6 What We Don't Know about Our Mothers

APPENDIX 7 The National Conversation We Need But Haven't Had Yet [ESSAY]

APPENDIX 8 Dr. Ellen's First Christmas [ESSAY]

APPENDIX 9 Dr. Ellen's Personal Thoughts about the Meaning of Christmas [ESSAY]